Agora Speakers International exists thanks to the dedicated efforts of the following people (in order of joining the building effort):
  • Alexander Hristov (Bulgaria/Spain) - Initiator, Founder, Bylaws, Educational Program and Strategy
Early adopters:
  • Michal Papis (Poland) - Initial Supporter. Backend Programming. First Ambassador and President of the First International Club
  • Noor Mohammad (India)- Initial Supporter. Banner and Website Design and Programming.

We also also wish to express our gratitude to the following people for their help during the pre-Agora times.
  • Duarte Paulo Braz�o Gouveia (Portugal) - For mobilizing and achieving the impossible in District 59
  • Robert Shambrook (USA) - For standing up for what he believed in, against all odds
  • Jorge Carrasco Mart�nez (Spain) - For his initial support and advice during the early stages of Agora Speakers
  • Kai Steinbach (Spain) - For his initial support and advice during the early stages of Agorar Speakers


Agora has a great team of Ambassadors all around the world. Without their volunteer effort, Agora would not have been possible either.

Translations of the Core Principles

  • Portuguese - Duarte Paulo Braz�o Gouveia
  • German - Stephanie Hobert
  • Ukranian - Bohdan Trotsenko
  • Polish - Michal Papis, Wanda Lopuszanska, Tomasz Mikolajczyk
  • Chinese - Bevan Ting
  • Tagalog - Eric David
  • Russian - Anna Dubko
  • Arabic - Rami Assaf
  • Hungarian - P�ter Cs�k
  • French - Farah Asbai, Gr�goire Lecocq, Margarida Brites Nunes
  • Catalan - Robert Ferrer
  • Hindi - Anshu Jain and Koka Prasad
  • Italian - Andy Cristofori and Angelo Mascaro
  • Bulgarian and Spanish - Alexander Hristov