Who are we?

Agora Speakers International is a non-profit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of meeting locations.

Our mission statement is simple yet powerful - We empower you to become a brilliant communicator and a confident leader who will actively build a better world

Survey after survey shows that public speaking and presentation skills are critical to success in the workplace. Many people pay high fees for seminars to gain the knowledge and confidence necessary to face an audience. Agora provides an option that is less expensive and held in high regard in business circles. A proven - and enjoyable way to practice and hone communication and leadership skills.

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Our Main Features at a glance

  • Strong educational program focused on gaining real-world experience in public speaking and leadership.
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  • All educational materials available online, free for all members.
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  • Currently free . Lees than $20/year in the long term. No sign up fees. No club chartering fees. No multiple fees for joining several clubs.
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  • Presence in 30 countries, with 10 more expected soon.
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  • Club-based peer-supported learning, with familiar meeting structure, meeting roles and officers.
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  • Direct democracy with electronic voting by all members. Full financial transparency.
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Our Educational Program

Our Educational Program has been designed by experienced speakers and people with over 20 years' experience in adult education.

The Program leads you gently from very humble beginnings to more and more complicated and challenging projects, where you will first speak in front of your fellow club members, and from there proceed to spread your wings outside the nest and speak in front of ever-increasing and wider audiences.

The Educational Program is formed by series of projects with specific learning goals and designed to help you acquire and practice specific skills - either public speaking or leadership. You progress at your own pace, and as you progress along the main educational path, you unlock access to more specific paths that explore public speaking in special contexts or environments. You can learn to be a storyteller, or a business presenter, or an educator, or many other options available

We believe that every speaker is unique, so the Educational Program is also designed to help you discover your own style, instead of imposing on you artificial techniques that will only result in your audience perceiving you as unnatural or - even worse - dishonest

You will:

  • Learn to communicate more effectively
  • Learn to move people to action
  • Learn to lead small and big teams
  • Increase your self confidence
  • Increase your assertiveness and ability to defend your interests
  • Defend your viewpoints and principles
  • Become a better and more empathic listener
  • Be able to deliver great presentations in all sorts of contexts
  • Learn to deal with failures during speeches
  • Learn to user stories, anecdotes, emotion and rhetorical devices in your speeches
  • Learn to think faster and improvise when things don't come as expected
  • Become a member of a wonderful worldwide community

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The Guide to Creating and Running Agora Speakers Clubs The 70-page Agora Guide explains everything about Agora in one single place - How Agora is structured, the purpose of clubs, how YOU can start one, detailed explanations about each of the roles, club officers, Ambassadors and everything you need to get started with Agora. Feel free to download and share it. (3Mb PDF)

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